how-to use the converter

1)Make your profile

  • in profile name field type name of your profile etc. „My Profile“ and password „yoursecret“
  • click Save profile...
  • New profile „My Profile“ will be created with default values from default_[language sufix] profile
  • Next time you choose your profile, enter the password and you can edit the values

    2)Custom your profile

  • you can change many items in convertor
  • values separators
  • insert battle images
  • color of any item in combat report
  • switch on/off some of items or values
  • change font size (default 10pt)
  • after change values on your profile, click Save profile...
  • In profile can you change many values, hidden at headers of section.
  • The preview is immediately visible change of value


  • in game select detailet Combat report
  • and paste CTRL+V to Detailed CR text field
  • click = CONVERT CR =
  • in field Output combat report: are generatet BB code for board.ogame
  • click in Result BB code combat report: and copy content CTRL+C
  • paste CTRL+V in to ogame board